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Proud providers of Farmers Insurance and more.

We at The Clingan Group are very proud to represent Farmers Insurance as a primary Property & Casualty offering.

By offering Farmers (and other options) to the personal and business community, TCG is able to find the best value for the best protection.

History of Farmers Insurance:

Born in 1929, Farmers was only a year old when the Great Depression began and created an atmosphere of financial panic and failure across the country. Farmers Insurance was one of the few insurance companies that was able to actually pay claims during the 1930’s instead of presenting I.O.U.’s to their clients. The company adopted the slogan, “Pay them, Pay them all” during the aftermath of the 1933 Long Beach earthquake.

During the 1960’s, Farmers became the first major insurance company to offer monthly premium payments without charging interest on the premiums. And, in the 1970’s Farmers again led the way by being the first major insurance company to offer discounts on non-life insurance policies for those customers that did not smoke.

A household name for almost 90 years in the Western Part of the United States, Farmers Insurance now operates in all 50 states. In Tennessee, Farmers continues to be a leader in the advancement of value and service in the Insurance Industry.


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